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Present a unique & innovative  way to Deliver lower Operational Costs  

Delivering Free Energy Saving Technology

Energy as a service 

Reduction environmental

Our partnership aim to deliver free energy saving technology to end users without payback or risk. And reducing the cost of that energy at the same time.

LumenLinks Ltd has been appointed as an approved supplier of the unique Leerie Energy Fund. This enables us to offer our SMART and Innovative products as part of the overall refit as part of the overall solution FOC.

What do you get 

• No cost = no risk

• Full onsite warranty for all energy saving tech

• Only the best quality approved products

• Fully qualified installation team

• Free energy saving technology

• Clear and concise information

• 100% of savings made are yours

• Reduced operating cost

• During the process we provide a document showing all the associated rates and costs so there is nothing hidden unlike working with some brokers

• HVAC optimisation projects 

How on Earth can we do this? 

• Leerie Energy Fund methodology is where we obtain part of the profit from an energy supply contract to deliver a capital expenditure fund that is to be used on Energy Saving Technology.

• We work with most of the energy providers and have exclusive agreements to provide the Leerie Energy Fund in the form of Energy Saving Projects. This money comes from the energy suppliers' profits. Therefore, you pay nothing or a reduced project amount depending on the Leerie Energy Fund value. 

How we work to Deliver free energy saving technology?

Leerie Presents its Case Study of Cogent Technology


1. Analysis of current Energy Deal 
We take a look at your current Energy Deals to work out the size of the fund your organisation qualifies for. 


2. Technology selection
We work with your organisation to determine the Energy Saving Technology your require. 


3. Award contracts
We work with you to award the contracts for energy and technology while looking at the overall value being offered. No Likey no Signy No obligation 

  • Please Contact Us and complete the online form & we will do the rest. You will need to supply us with your gas and electric bills as well as some other key details.

  • Alternatively  call LumenLinks – 07496068889– for more information. We can offer single services such as just the energy, or lighting or an onsite warranty service where if you prefer, you can use your own contractors. You may want to use your fund to do specific areas to give your customers the WOW factor.

This Includes Internal & External Lighting Free Retrofits There is no obligation to proceed , Lets see what you can save !! 

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