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Our Passion is to help business!!  not give loads of useless systems which employees resent 

If you need a new system it needs experience and knowledge to implement to gain ownership   
If its not broke don’t fix it !! Is good for today but what about the future  ?

  • Boards are difficult environments for individuals the structure and support including coaching and education is key to successful Board Dynamics and Company Leadership. 

  • ​But most important is the boards strategic direction not management reporting but collaborative team work respecting each other.

  • We offer expert advise in Start up /Growth / Decline / Rebuild / Adversity / Recovery / New product launch Board Dynamics. An independent opinion which is often priceless.

  • Most boards only deal with management issues !!

  • The monthly board meetings are just reading your reports 

  • This is not how to get the best from Board Dynamics 

  • Generally this is the modus operando of Board meetings , supplying the chairman or CEO with the information they can read

  • We need to abandon this and stop (one up man ship)  

  • And move to uncomfortable debate generated by strategic thinking. 

  • We should focus on the future direction and competitors influence  

  • I have spent years reciting board reports just for a non exec chair to get a feel 

  • This is not the way  

  • Board Team Work Is !! 

  • Cranfield & I can help you with this building a effective Board

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